Mokuhanga Kai is an association for South African printmaking artists who wish to explore and practise Japanese woodblock printing techniques, both in a traditional and contemporary context. We aim to provide a network of support for mokuhanga artists to learn and exchange ideas with each other, as well as raise general awareness of this artform within South Africa. Ultimately we hope to establish connections and relationships with other international Mokuhanga associations, particularly in Japan, as well as paper and tool makers.

Our Vision

To become the principal South African national network for artistic interests in Japanese art forms, particularly contemporary Mokuhanga, and to promote the appreciation and understanding of Japanese culture and knowledge.


The Mokuhanga Kai network is open to Japanese art appreciators and practitioners anywhere in the world, but our focus is on facilitating access to this artform for those resident in South Africa. Membership aims to facilitate access to local producers of papers and materials necessary for the creation of Mokuhanga prints as well as acquisition of imported products, currently not produced in South Africa, that practising Mokuhanga artists require for their craft. Membership will also include access to learning Japanese culture and language.

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Who We Are

Natasha completed her Honours (2005) and Masters (2011) degree in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. She currently works as a part-time lecturer, arts writer and practicing artist. Throughout her art training and career she has consistently been inspired by the medium and technical challenges of print. She trained in traditional Western print methods at the University of Cape Town and subsequently attended residencies in Japan to study the Japanese relief print method, Mokuhanga.

Oliver is a South African-born visual artist who works primarily in print media and video. He completed his postgraduate diploma in Fine Art in 2019 and a Master of Fine Art degree in 2022 at the University of Cape Town Michaelis School of Fine Art. His work focuses on how a conceptual engagement with printmaking allows print to be used as a metaphorical device to express the processes and experiences of memory. He has traveled independently to Japan to learn Mokuhanga from master carvers and printhouses.


We currently run Mokuhanga print workshops sporadically through the year from our studios and other venues in Cape Town. If you are interested in attending a workshop please send us an email.

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