OZU WASHI, a traditional paper store

In 1653 a paper wholesale store called “Ozuya” was established in Nihombashi. Over 360 years later “Ozu Washi” operates from the same location as that original store offering papers made by some of Japan’s living National Treasures . I was fortunate enough to visit the store in 2017 after it was expanded and renovated to include a museum, gallery and paper-making classes for the public. I was able to chat to the very knowledgeable staff there to select various papers that I find useful in Mokuhanga printing. Since most of their catalogue is only in Japanese it is these papers that I will be reordering.

For a more English-based Japanese woodblock tools and paper supplier, I recommend looking at Wood Like Matsumura.

You are welcome to order directly from the suppliers yourself. If you are based in Cape Town and would like to share shipping costs, please email on info@mokuhanga.co.za.

Written by Natasha Norman