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One of the things that is difficult to see in a reproduction of this image, is the exquisite embossing achieved on the parrot’s feathers. It reads as a fine line in this photograph but the edges of the feathers are actually defined by hand printed embossing off the carved woodblock.

Hiroshi Yoshida 1876-1950

Obatan Parrot

From the series, “Dobutsu-en” (the zoological garden). “Obatan Parrot”. In his 1939 book, Yoshida noted that 8 blocks and 22 impressions were used.
The circular lines in the background are “baren-suji” (Baren lines) which are made by rubbing a baren in circular motion on the block.
”Jizuri” is stamped on the upper right margin.

Woodblock print

Shin Hanga