Ukiyo-e Heroes

Ukiyo-e and video games might not initially seem to have a lot in common. However, there may be more similarities than one thinks. Consider that both deal with idealised, dream-like subject matters, and began as an artform that had its artistic merit dismissed at first. So it’s not surprising that someone combined the two!

Ukiyo-e Heroes is a series of mokuhanga prints that are designed by Jed Henry and carved and printed by David Bull at Mokuhankan in the traditional ukiyo-e way. These are exquisite prints that, with their pop-cultural subject matter and veneration of fictional heroes, can be said to be truer to the heart of ukiyo-e than contemporary designs of geisha and samurai.

Jed Henry’s images are also carved and printed by British-based Ukiyo-e craftsman, William Francis. Francis’s online video streams were recommended to us by a Mokuhanga Kai member who describes them as “casual, informative and good fun”.

To tune in, follow the Francis Hanga Youtube page. Streams tend to take place live on Wednesday or Friday evenings at 20:00 UK time (that’s 21:00 SA time). 

For more about Francis visit his website where you can also see examples of his prints.