The Unfinished Print Podcast

For many artists outside of Japan, Mokuhanga has been a process of discovery. While the technique is deceptively simple in its essence such that it is taught in primary schools in Japan, the journey to mastering the subtlety of its techniques, materials and processes can take a lifetime. 

Take a listen to ‘The Unfinished Print’ podcasts by André Zadorozny. His inspiring interviews with various Mokuhanga artists chart the varied way that this medium operates as a contemporary artistic medium. One of the first questions he asks artists is how they came to Mokuhanga as a medium for their practice. Some artists who are incredibly respected in their techniques have never been to Japan. Others are currently in training under Japanese master printers and carvers. The podcast is a fantastic way to get to know a network of influencers in this medium. 

In the write up about each podcast André also includes a list with links to all references made in the interview. This is an invaluable archive of information for anyone interested in Mokuhanga techniques.